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How we increased website visits and decreased bounce rate by just revamping the website

Website Development & Designing, SEO Optimization
How we increased website visits and decreased bounce rate by just revamping the website

Project results


Increased Conversions


Increased Website Visits

Project overview

Encollab, a global SAP consultancy with a presence in Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America, approached us with concerns regarding their outdated website. They recognized the need for a revamped website that would not only look more engaging but also instill trust and generate quality leads.

Our pitch focused on addressing these concerns by creating a modern, user-friendly website that would enhance their online presence and credibility.

Project Execution

Upon a successful agreement, we initiated the website revamping process for Encollab. The primary challenge was to overhaul the entire website within a tight 15-day timeframe while ensuring that not a single lead was lost during the transition.

The website redevelopment was executed on Webflow, a platform chosen for its flexibility and ability to deliver a visually stunning and responsive design. Our team worked diligently to maintain the integrity of existing leads while implementing improvements to both the design and functionality of the site.

The 15-day timeframe was met without compromising on quality. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure a seamless transition, and every effort was made to enhance the overall user experience.

Project Results

The revamped website, now accessible at, yielded significant improvements for Encollab, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Key outcomes include:

  1. Engaging UI and Improved Functionality: The redesigned website boasts an engaging and contemporary interface, reflecting the global success and expertise of Encollab. The user-friendly design contributes to a positive browsing experience.
  2. Optimized Loading Time: We successfully decreased the website loading time, contributing to faster and more efficient access to information for visitors.
  3. Reduced Bounce Rate: The strategic redesign resulted in a noticeable decrease in the bounce rate, indicating improved user engagement and retention.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Encollab led to the creation of a modern, responsive website that not only addressed their concerns but exceeded their expectations. The successful transition without any loss of leads demonstrates our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that align with our clients' business goals.

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